About Probus Blackburn South Inc.

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The making of the Combined Probus Club of Blackburn South.

The original Probus Club of Blackburn South was started as a men’s Probus Club in February 1989, and continued in this role for 24 years, when due to declining membership it was decided by the majority of members to change to a Combined Club.

At the AGM in 2016, the 1st Lady President was inducted by the out- going President. We now have ladies filling many of the roles the roles within the committee of management

The Combined Probus Club of Blackburn South is now a vibrant Probus club with 96 members and many of the existing members  participate  in the club meetings and the club’s various interest groups / Activities and outings.  Retired persons who may be interested in finding out what Probus is all about,  are always welcome to attend a club meeting or outing to see if they would also like to become a member.

 Many of the club activities–

  • Tours
  • Outings
  • Golf
  • Walking
  • Theatre group
  • Current affairs
  • Bistro nights
  • Coffee club
  • Classic old films 
  • Movie afternoon
  • 10 Pin bowling
  • Men’s luncheon group
  • Ladies Luncheon group
  • Table for 6 Dining group
  • Christmas luncheon

Note: See the Diary dates on the Bulletin page for additional information on when the interest group activities occur.

A photo of some of the members of the Combined Probus Club of Blackburn South Inc. enjoying an outing  on the historical Puffing Billy Railway train from Belgrave to Menzies Creek . This image was featured on the front cover of the the 2017 April-May issue of The Victorian Probian- see the front cover photo below

Note:click on the Probian cover image below to see a larger image.