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Current Membership-

As at  June 2019:  There were 94 active members and 5 non-active

The club’s ceiling membership is 99


New Members


The Club welcomes potential new Members to attend up to three Monthly Meetings as guests to evaluate their interest in Club activities & Membership.

A completed membership application (see below)  is then submitted for Committee approval. On acceptance,  a joining fee of $10:00 and an Annual Membership Fee ($40:00)per person is due and payable on the 1st of April each year,  Any Pro Rata quarterly fee adjustment for a new eligible member , is also payable on the 1st of April

Note: If you are  interested  in becoming a member of Probus & you would welcome further information on the Combined Blackburn South Club activities & opportunities: please contact us by phoning Secretary John Hally on (03) 9874 2840 or e-mail John at the following e-mail address:


Note: A Membership Application form can be obtained through any one of the following options.

  • By attending a meeting as a guest,
  • By contacting the club secretary on the above phone number.
  •  By following the link below to obtain a membership application