Member Interests

This page within the Web site has been created for members to inform / share their interests with other members.

An example could be that a particular member has an interest in collecting stamps, but most of the other members are not aware of this and if they became aware of that hobby / interest, then it “opens the door” for better communication / discussion between the members.

So if you do have an interesting hobby or particular interest that other members might like to know about, then think about having information about your interest included here.

1.Bryan Paten. member no. 96, has a strong interest in, and a collection of Bromeliads arrangements/ sculptures, plus a collection of Cymbidium Orchids and more recently, a new interest in Succulents which he displays in large saucers / dishes. Bryan is a member of 3 different societies covering the above plant types

2.Dennis Birt: My main interest,  the great singers in Opera / Operetta , the stories behind those people——The music of our era, Film / Movies , Rogers and Hammerstein etc. One must be   “ In  the Mood  “ (Glen Miller )  for MUSIC .

Note: Any Member wishing to have his/ her interest included in this webpage should send the relevant information to Bryan Paten at the following e-mail address-