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A.  News from the Probus Association of Victoria

Are you scam savvy ?? Common Scams & Tips to avoid them. 

TELEPHONE/REBATE SCAM                                                                                    Consumer Affairs are giving the message that older Victorians need to be cautious when on-line on the Internet. Scammers pretending to be from a Bank, Government, or some other well known institution will call, email or text you saying that you are owed money. However you must pay an administration fee to “reclaim” your money.

 TRAVELLING CON MEN.                                                                                           Travelling con men are “dodgy” tradesmen, who knock on your door, offering to do small maintenance work. They may ask for cash before starting work and frequently disappear as soon as you pay them. If they do any work, it is often unfinished or of poor standard.

INVESTMENT SCAM.                                                                                                                   Scammers typically offer you “get rich quick” schemes and investments based on “Secret” information or special hardware. They claim to be able to predict the outcomes of sports or share trading. After you pay their fees, you will discover their claims and guarantees are false.

ROMANCE SCAM.                                                                                                                       Scammers pose as legitimate dating websites and build an online relationship with you, often over weeks, months, or years. Once the relationship is established, they will start asking you for money.

If in doubt  — DON’T                         

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B. Information about the new Probus Ambassadorial role to service the 18 Probus clubs within the City of Whitehorse.

 The role of Probus Ambassador, taken on by Michael Ransom in 2017 is twofold: firstly, to encourage clubs to recruit more, younger members so the organisation can continue to prosper in the future, and secondly, to encourage clubs to work with each other when organising tours, outings and speakers. 

Michael lives locally in Blackburn, and is a member of the Mitcham Nunawading Probus Club.

Probus is a very important organisation that encourages older people to have fun, and keep physically and mentally active. Ensuring that clubs continue to thrive means that we will be able to continue that mission on well into the future.

 C. News from Probus South Pacific


If you are over 60 and wondering why every slice of cake seems to add 2 kilo’s, rest assured that you are not alone.  As you age, the metabolism that fired you through your younger years slows down, while the various hormones that kept your weight in check and regulated your muscle mass also begins to wane. The result is an unfair decrease of muscle growth and increased fat production.

Before you kick off on a weight loss program, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.                                                                                                                                                    1. When it comes to any new exercise and diet regime, discipline is important. One of the difficulties of losing weight in your later years is that the kilo’s that you shed, not only comes out of your body’s store of fat, but also out of your bones, and muscle mass.             2. If you do lose weight, and then put it back on, it’s much more likely to return as fat a few months down the track, leaving you less well off than if you never lost weight in the first place.                                                                                                                                                        3. A slower metabolism means you need fewer calories each day- a hundred less for each decade that passes. This means that not only do you need to pay more attention to portion control, but that it’s also important than ever to keep sugary treats to a minimum.              4. Keeping active is a vital part of any weight loss project. However, it’s important not to over stress your body, especially if it has been a long time between gym sessions.


Yes it’s a taboo topic !   But that doesn’t stop people wanting to talk about it. In fact 75% of Australians aged over 50 want to be able to have a conversation about dying and death.       A recent study found that almost 80% of people understand that death is natural and unavoidable, so an open discussion is necessary.

According to those surveyed, it’s also important to discuss the topic so that the deceased’s wishes are met, which will hopefully ease grieving process for those left behind and minimise the financial burden on family.

However, avoiding any future planning leaves us with less emotional capacity to grieve when we need to, as we are forced to instead think about all the things we should have been discussing long before. 



2018 Photo Competition

The 2018 photo competition has now been launched, with $35,000 worth of prizes now up for grabs.  Entry forms can be found in the Active Retirees magazine.

1st. Prize a Mediterranean Cruise for 2, valued at $24,500

2nd. Prize is for 4 nights on Norfolk Island, valued at  $5000.                                

3rd. Prize is a travel voucher valued at $3000 for travel of your choice.                                

4th – 5th – 6th. Prizes are for a travel voucher valued at $500 to use with the Golden Chain Motor Inns.

Great health at every age:

A Urinary Tract Infection is a growth of bacteria somewhere in the urinary tract, which travels along the urethra where the urine comes out, to the kidneys. where the urine is formed. Generally speaking , it’s the result of an infection in the bladder, and if left untreated, can do some serious damage.

Not to be taken lightly, a UTI could lead to urosepsis, a potentially life threatening infection of the blood stream, or acute kidney infections which are capable of permanently damaging vital organs or cause kidney Failure. A UTI can be very common, particularly in older people, both men & women, because they don’t empty their bladder fully each time they pass urine.

Diagnosing a UTI in seniors isn’t always a straight forward process, as often older people have a growth of bacteria to begin with, so to diagnose a UTI it has to be accompanied with other symptoms.  The best thing you can do is to take steps to prevent a UTI from arising in the first place. Simple things like increasing your level of hydration to increase the urine flow and help flush out the bacteria could be all that is needed to keep it a bay.

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